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    Check out the styles of beer we make. We think you'll like them.

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    Get to know the guys, in more ways than you probably would like.

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    Mirror polished tanks, large tap room and now tours. Oh, my!


  • Donate to Little Kitchen Food Shelf, get a $3 pint of beer!

    We at 612Brew are very fortunate to have so many awesome people come through our doors every week. The people that visit the brewery are interested in sampling local craft beer, being part of the brewing community and help us create more local jobs. Because of the interest people have with the brewing process and […]

  • Water a Tree, Get a Free Beer

    Water a Tree, Get a Free Beer! I’m sure you’ve seen the City of Minneapolis planting trees near sidewalks and boulevards all over town. Guess what? These trees need water and you can help. Brewing A Better Forest www.brewingabetterforest.com/ and 612Brew have partnered to offer a free beer to people kind enough to adopt these […]

beer on tap

Beer On Tap

Looking to try some 612Brew outside of the tap room? Honestly, that sounds like crazy talk, but either way check out these great locations to have some 612Brew close to home. Cheers!

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