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Available on-tap at your favorite bars and restaurants  and in cans at your local liquor store!
5.1% ABV – 41 IBU
SIX is a golden-colored, American pale ale light-bodied, biscuit-flavored with a light hop aroma. It is named after the local bus number that runs past the original 612Brew test brewery, where the beer was first brewed. Perfect for back yards, front porches and the Minnesota seasons. We think you’ll want to drink this beer any time … all the time.

Unrated Rye IPA

Available on-tap at your favorite bars and restaurants  and in cans at your local liquor store!
6.9% ABV – 80 IBU
West Coast IPA meets Midwest Rye. Unrated Rye IPA is a beer for the Minnesota hopheads. This Rye IPA greets you with a burst of citrus hop aroma and tempts you with the spice from the rye. 612Brew’s most full-bodied and hoppy beer, yet easy enough that your mom would like it. If your mom is awesome.

Seven Heads – Imperial Pilsner

On Tap Now
7.9% ABV – 26 IBU
An Imperial Bohemian Style Pils dry hopped with Equinox, Seven Heads pours a bright gold with a light, white head. A bready malt aroma is brought forward by Bohemian lager yeast. A lively carbonation drives the crisp flavor that is complimented by tropical, southern hemisphere hops. Seven heads finished dry with only a hint of warmth from the alcohol.

Zero Hour

On Tap Now
5.4% ABV – 65 IBU
Excitement is in the mystery. Zero Hour is a black ale, aggressively hopped with late Simcoe additions and blacked out with Midnight Wheat. You may wonder what style of beer you’re drinking; well, turn off the lights and savor the experience. Drink it in the dark

Gateway Park Lager

Available at your favorite bars and restaurants and in cans at your local liquor store!
5.6% ABV – 23 IBU
Gateway Park is a pre-prohibition lager brewed with ingredients commonly used in this same style beer over a hundred years ago; six-row barley, flaked corn and Cluster hops. This beer pays homage to the Gateway District or as it was known back then, Bridge Square, in Minneapolis. One of the key buildings in the Gateway District was the Metropolitan Building, which was sadly demolished in the 1960′s due to urban renewal.


5.2% ABV – 20 IBU
Oktoberfest is our take on the traditional Marzen style beer, brewed with Pilsen, Vienna and Munich malts along with noble hops. A wonderful rich, malty beer with a color reminiscent of the seasonal falling leaves. Prost!


Mary Ann

Available in May
4.5% ABV – 20 IBU
A German-style lager brewed with generous amounts of freshly grated ginger. Refreshing and spicy. Delicious and bold. A perfect companion for getting stranded on your own personal island, because you can’t have Mary Ann without ginger.

GLAM Session IPA

4.9% ABV – 40 IBU
Minnesotans are obsessed with hops and 612Brew is obsessed with session beers.  GLAM Session IPA is a summer session IPA brewed with Galena, Equinox and Amarillo and dry hopped with Aroma and Galaxy for an aroma of floral, citrus, and tropical fruit. Backed by Golden Promise and Golden Naked oats, the ABV is lowered but the flavor is still exceptional.

Farmhouse Ale – Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale

5.3% ABV – 19 IBU
Our newest beer at 612Brew. This Rustic Belgian Style Farmhouse ale is brewed with Floor Malted Pils, Spelt, Munich, Acidulated malts and unmalted and Red Wheat provides a malty sweetness. A light herbal hop aroma from the Saaz and spicy phenols from the Belgian yeast.


2.2% ABV – 5 IBU
Our Radler is made by brewing a light lager and house-made grapefruit soda and blending them together in the bright tank at a 50:50 ratio. This gives the beer a great sweet grapefruit aroma and flavor and a light malty beer backbone. Grab this refreshing German style Radler this summer before its gone!


7.5% ABV – 22 IBU
Oatmeal Porter
Our friends from the Outfit owe us big time. This English Porter is brewed with oatmeal which contributes to the rich and velvety texture of this winter seasonal beer. Patagonian caramel malts provide a wonderful toasted marshmallow flavor in the malt profile while the Nobel hops provide just the right about of bitterness and balance. So, if you’ve got friends like us, be sure to buy them this beer as Payback… and root for the bad guy.

Shere Khan (Tiger King)

Available in late October
8.6% ABV – 63 IBU
This beer boasts an 8.6% abv and has a gorgeous orange color. The Garam Masala and saffron, added at the five-minute mark of the brew provides a strong peppermint aroma and a soft delicate saffron flavor. The Topaz hops sneak out from under the Indian spices from the dry hopping addition. You can find this limited beer on tap at the taproom or in small quantities at local bars and restaurants.

Devil in Plaid – Scotch Ale

Available in November
6.0% ABV – 24 IBU
Smoked malt and Roasted Barley, mashed at 66.6° Celsius, contribute fiery undertones to the malt backbone. Moderate additions of noble hops provide an earthy balance. Wrap your idle hands around a pint glass.

Blue Coat – 1916est

Available in January
4.5% ABV – 20 IBU
Session Ale with Blueberries
This beer was brewed as a partnership between the St. Paul Winter Carnival Guards and 612Brew for the 2015 Winter Carnival. This beer was brewed especially for the Carnival Guards, known as Blue Coats, and will be available in limited supplies for a short time.


Available in April
6.3% ABV – 25 IBU
Our spring seasonal lager, brewed with German malts in traditional German Maibock style. Medium body, gold in color with sweet biscuit flavor and a wonderful apricot aroma.



Main Stage

Available Soon
4.5% ABV – 31 IBU – 14 SRM
Get your wallets out. You’re about to fall in love. This Amber ale has a great body and complex character from the Caramel, Munich and Victory malts. Low-hops and low-alcohol, so you can enjoy several throughout the night, this Amber looks great seated next to you and you can tell, really likes you. The song is almost over. Time to order another from the Main Stage.

Bitter Cold Winter IPA Series #3

Retired 2015
6.4% ABV – 57  IBU
SMASH American IPA
The third installment of our winter series of single malt and single hop India Pale Ale’s, brewed to showcase the individual characters of the ingredients. For 2015 our brewers chose a Southwestern Pacific theme using Australian 2 Row malt and a single New Zealand Hop. Sip this beer thinking how warm it must be in these two countries, while you get away from the bitter cold Minnesota winter.

Bitter Cold Winter IPA Series #2

Released 2014
6.3% ABV – 70 IBU
SMASH American IPA
The second installment of our winter series of single malt and single hop India Pale Ale’s, brewed to showcase the individual characters of the ingredients. For 2014 we used 100% Golden Promise malt and 100% Mosaic hops.

Bitter Cold Winter IPA Series #1

Released 2013
The first in the winter series of single malt and single hop India Pale Ale’s brewed to showcase the individual characters of the ingredients. Brewed with 100% Marris Otter and 100% single hop direct from Willamette Valley Hops.

Tequila Mockingbird

Retired 2013
4.5% ABV – 15 SRM
A welcome accompaniment to those hot summer days in Maycomb, or Minneapolis, a beer to put the ‘geek’ back in beer geek. This seasonal ale is brewed with roasted wheat, organic blue agave, and just enough hops to poke through to your palette and say “Hey Boo”.

Autumn Ale

Retired 2013
4.9% ABV – 25 IBU
Session ale brewed with orange peel

Wild Rice Dunkel

Retired 2014
5.3% ABV – 20 IBU
This lager is brewed in the traditional German style of Dunkel, which translates simply to the word ‘dark’.  Pilsen malt provides a base, complemented with Dark Munich, Carafa II and, of course, wild rice.  Just in time for winter, halten Sie sich warm draußen!